Gun advocates and Obama supporters question gun control plans

President Barack Obama is taking executive action bypassing Congress to make changes to gun control.

He says the plan won't stop all gun violence but he believes it will save lives. Obama outlined new initiatives as part of an Executive Order on gun control Tuesday.

Gun advocates are raving mad at the President's plan and even supporters question how it will work.

"President Obama said that this will be a way to curb internet gun sales," said Jim Makowski, attorney for Michigan Gun Owners United. "I've never been able to purchase a gun over the internet myself and I have purchased many firearms."

"There's a gun problem in Detroit and the problem is we don't have enough police with enough guns," Rev. David Bullock said. "So we have a different problem. Instead of gun control we need police officers with more guns in Detroit."

Bullock, an activist for the Change Agent Consortium, said that he likes the fact that President Obama is leading the way on gun reform.

The president wants background checks for anyone that buys a gun.  He's also calling for more ATF agents to enforce current gun laws. Increase support for mental health treatment, and develop gun safety "smart" technology, that would use fingerprints to track lost or stolen guns. 

Some in Congress may challenge the legality of an executive order. Still others say, new laws are not needed.

Part of the Obama Executive Order would be to have more ATF agents which costs money. But FOX 2's Charlie Langton says the question is if more guns will be off the streets with the order.

Executive Orders by law are supposed to implement was Congress has already talked about, Langton said. So the issue is do we have gun control laws, yes. But do we have it to the specificity that this executive order talks about, Langton said, he doesn't know.

"Somebody on the US Supreme Court will probably have to weigh in on this," Langton said. "The President is taking a lot of political power but he is a lame duck. Although he is dealing with an entire Republican Congress, this is going to be the biggest issue he is going to focus on while he is a lame duck. Ultimately a judge, appellate court or Supreme Court will have to weigh in."

Langton added that there is also a money issue involved in the proposed changes and that the money would have to come from Congress.

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