Hamtramck students and teachers protest with wall of unity

- President Donald Trump is taking steps to crack down on illegal immigration and one of those executive orders, jump-starts construction of a wall, while the other will cut federal funding to sanctuary cities - causing fear in Hamtramck.

Students and teachers rallying in support of sanctuary schools took to the streets there. This wall is one built by diversity - students and teachers circling the Hamtramck High School Community Center - a symbolic statement - embracing one another - as they support sanctuary schools.

"It shows that we stand together and us together is everything," said one student.

"If anywhere that you should feel safe, it should be your school," said Mrs. Maria Mitchell-Kipila. "Honestly they spend most of their day at school. We love them, and they are basically our children. We spend all day with them, all year long.

"We are here to protect them as our children."

"Kids are afraid," said George Hloros, a social studies teacher. "They're very afraid of what's happening and they don't know what to do. As adults, and our president especially, is supposed to comfort everybody."

But in Hamtramck - a diverse community of immigrants both documented and undocumented - it's the teachers who are doing the comforting.

"She said don't be worried about whatever he does, we'll help you guys," said a student.

FOX 2: "You're Muslim?"

"Yes," said another student.

FOX 2: "So what do you fear?"

"I'm scared if he kicks us out," he said.

On Wednesday President Donald Trump made good on campaign promises - among them taking aim at Sanctuary Cities by threatening to withhold federal funding.

Leaders say Detroit fully cooperates with federal authorities conducting investigations into undocumented persons but Detroit does not act as local immigration police.

It is still unclear if that would impact its federal funding. Some public schools aren't waiting to find out.

"We believe in schools, colleges, universities," said David Hecker, American Federation of Teachers. "In every place and every community place. And private businesses should be sanctuaries where people feel safe."

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