Kathy the Kon gets cuffed

- For a party planner, Katica Vitosevich doesn't look too happy. That's because the party planner, dubbed "Kathy the Kon," is in the can, locked up with no bond in the Oakland County Jail.

FOX 2's Rob Wolchek has been trying to catch up with Katica since late last year. At the time, she was working as a party planner for a mid-town restaurant. But her ex-boss thinks that job was just a way for her to troll for victims.

Katica, a convicted felon, had convinced everybody she was named Kathy Krstich. She seemed like a nice, trustworthy lady. She used her job as a party planner to befriend Sarah. She then talked Sarah out of $5,000 in a business deal.

Kathy also targeted other mid-town businesses, claiming she was connected to the new QLine rail. She got money from them claiming she was selling advertising - ads that never even got printed.

Kathy even sent out what appeared to be fake news stories about how she was recognized and put on a committee by Melania Trump as being a victim of part of a cyber-bullying committee. But Melania Trump's office told us there was no committee yet.

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Katica Vitosevic is a convicted stalker on probation. She's also accused of illegally using checks and credit cards from a lady she was housesitting for in Birmingham. She never showed up for court in that case and a warrant was issued.

Then, she didn't show up for her probation violation court case in Wayne County. Another warrant was issued. She didn't show for her civil court case regarding Sarah.

Katica, aka Kathy, has been on the run for months, running from the law and running from Wolchek. He spoke to her on the phone and she denied she'd done anything wrong.

Of course, she promised to show up for an on camera interview. She didn't.

Wolchek finally unmasked Kathy Krstich, aka Katica Vitosevic, with a TV story a few weeks ago and soon, the Troy police fugitive task force amped up the pressure. Katica turned herself in.

She was promptly arraigned and given no bond. In November, she's set to go to trial in Oakland County for unauthorized use of a financial transaction device - a felony.

She will also have to appear before a judge in Wayne County for violating her probation and being an absconder.

And, later this month, she'll be in district court in Rochester Hills for a shoplifting conviction where she is accused of violating her probation there as well.

Kathy's last words to Wolchek were when she emailed me shortly after my story aired. She said, "You are the fake and desperate for a story! This is not over."

Nope. It's just the beginning for her in what looks like a lengthy stay at a jail that's anything but fake.


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