Late night DPS deal angers Democrats, labor leaders

- It took 15  hours of mostly closed-door meetings with lawmakers working through the night to get a deal done for Detroit Public Schools. Early Thursday, the Republican controlled House passed a deal.

Later Thursday, democrats and labor leaders are blasting it and plan to fight it in the Senate. Senate Republican Leader Arlan Meekhof stopped just short of denouncing the plan but he made it sure he favored the Senate's solution that was agreed to in March - and claims angry Republicans were sending a message to teachers who didn't show up to work.

"They certainly didn't help themselves. This is partially a reaction to that," Meekhoff said. "I don't know if it would say (it was an overreaction). There are some of members of my caucus who are unhappy about it."

Here's what would have to happen under the House plan:
(1) Principals Re-Apply Jobs
(2) Can't Negotiate Calendar
(3) Seniority Out-Merit Pay In
(4) Non-Teachers Can Teach

For Senate Democrat Bert Johnson, the first point is a sticking point.

"Replacing them is a non starter for us and firing them on mass to accommodate some sort of special interest whimsy is not in the best interest of  students," Johnson said that teachers reapplying for jobs is privatizing the district and wouldn't bring in the best people.

The House plan would also delay until January 2018 a new school board elected by Detroiters. Until then, the state would continue to run the system.

Sen. Mike Kowall argues that's exactly what his constituents favor given the illegal conduct and alleged mismanagement in the past.

"Given the past behavior this makes us a little slow on the draw to say, OK just go right ahead and go back and do what was done before," Kowall said.

The Senate GOP leader is hoping tempers cool off before the senate begins work on this next tuesday..the outcome of which, is anybody's guess.

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