Man who pleaded guilty to rapes changes his mind in court

- Christopher Hightower pleaded guilty to two separate Detroit home invasions and sexual assaults.

But that changed on Tuesday, which was his sentencing day, as Hightower had a change of heart in a Wayne County court house.

"It was so hard for me to plead guilty to the second one," said Hightower. "But when I went back to the back, my lawyer told me if I plead guilty to it, it would be re-concurrent, that's why I did it. I never wanted to plead guilty to the second one anyway. I've been praying, asking God give me a sign, what should I do about the second one."

But the prosecutor says that's simply not the case.

"The defendant is his own words pled guilty in court just a few weeks ago to the second case he's now making comments about," the prosecutor said. "I don't think there is anything the court can do at this point. He did plead guilty, he made a factual basis. And that's I think, where we stand."

In both cases this year Hightower broke into women's homes, sexually assaulted them and robbed them.

One of the victims spoke in court Tuesday before sentencing.

"All of a sudden this guy approached me, disrespected me, threw me to the floor," said the victim. "I'm like wow, what is this. I feared for my life, like I'm not going to see my family anymore."

The judge sentenced Hightower to 20 to 40 years in prison and a lifetime tether.

"You can't take off five (years) for the stuff I didn't do?"

"It's an agreement sir," said the judge.

"I can't take my agreement back?" Hightower said.

"I'm not going to find that you can take your agreement back," the judge said.

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