Metro Detroit group heading into the storm to help with Hurricane Florence recovery

- A metro Detroit group is heading south toward the hurricane with plans to help clean up as the storm is expected to leave devastatingly damage in its wake.

Experts predict 130 to 140 mile an hour winds, inland flooding, and a hurricane that could be a category five status. Whoever would go to the south east coast for Hurricane Florence will need a lot of equipment.  

"We might have to do emergency board ups, tarping and then when the flooding occurs, that's when we come in with the extraction, the dehumidifiers, the drying, the water pumps, generators," said Matthew Jarvis, VP of Jarvis Property Management.  

Three semis, 15 trucks, about 100 workers from Jarvis Property Management in Macomb County are devoting a minimum of four weeks to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

"We've had them to where the sand and water is just flowing right in from the ocean, right into all the nice shops and hotels and businesses that are real close to the water," said Bobby Jarvis, Jarvis construction manager.

Besides their livelihood of cleaning up after storms, or fires, or whatever disaster in Michigan, they've traveled to many hurricanes in the past, including Katrina, Sandy and visiting Peurto Rico, Texas and Florida. 

Jarvis will be paid for the work by FEMA or by private insurance, which could add up to millions. And while they're down in the hurricane area, they will continue to maintain their business in Michigan.

"Safety is key for us, from hard hats to rubber boots, generally the power is out at that point," Bobby said.

And when asked if they're nervous about heading into the storm:

"I don't think it's the nerves. It's more of the adrenaline. And being able to help and assist people," Bobby said.

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