Mom of disabled woman has car totaled by hit and run

- A speeding driver leaves a mother and her disabled daughter who needs around the clock care without any transportation.

The suspect crashed into their car - then kept going.

"She can't walk, she can't talk, I have to do everything," said Sonya Harris. "She has the mind of a 5- to 6-month-old baby."

It's a 24 hour a day commitment for Sonya Harris. She takes care of her 27-year-old daughter on her own. Miss DJ as they call her, has seizures and is blind among other serious health problems.
"This is not a joke, change Pampers, feed her, clean out the tube," said Harris. 
It is a life many of us can't imagine - caused because of a reckless hit and run driver.

"I saw the guy but I didn't know he was coming up here,"
A hit and run driver smashed into her car right in her own driveway off Burt Street on Detroit's west side.
"I just thank God she wasn't in the car that day the way she had hit me she would probably be dead right now," Sonya said. 
She tells FOX 2 she saved up for 3 years are to buy the now totaled Dodge Avenger.
FOX 2: "How much do you rely on your car for her care?"

"Everything, everything," she said.
"I just thought - not her, not this person," said Sue Genrich. 
Sue Genrich met Sonya three years ago at a grocery store - and now they call each other sisters.
"When you care about somebody it hurts you too, because it keeps going through your mind, what can I do to help?"

 She's been helping get Sonya around but knows long-term she needs a car to get Miss DJ to doctor appoints and in case of an emergency.
They're hoping someone in the community can help.
"If somebody could help with her a something to get her from A-Z.
Sonya doesn't like to ask for help but is out of options - if you can help, call The Problem Solver line at 248-552-5150 or email

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