More dog owners surface claiming their dogs died at DAC

- Even more owners of now dead dogs are asking for help after Fox 2 began investigating deplorable conditions inside the Detroit Animal Control Center.

A mother's dying wish, was that her son Frederick Weems would take good care of their dog Scrappy.

"I've had him the past eight years. He was my heart. I don't have any children,” said Frederick Weems.

Warning: Some of the images in this story are graphic and may be offensive.

Frederick was at work Sept. 24 when he got a call saying he was being evicted from his home. He begged city workers not to take Scrappy.

"They were supposed to hold him for me until October 23 which was this month. For me to actually give him the money I owe them $300,” said Weems.

Frederick said Scrappy was healthy. He visited him as much as he could, and worked extra shifts to raise the money.

"I would've had it, but I received a call from them yesterday saying he passed. I asked how, why and when,” said Weems. “He told me he didn't die from disease and they wouldn't tell me what he died from."

City officials tell us, Scrappy had no health issues they noticed and they have no idea why he dropped dead in his cage.

Many other dog owners are also looking for answers to why their dogs also died while being held at the Detroit Animal Control Center. At least nine of them are filing lawsuits against the city, along with a former employee of the DAC.

“We hope that this means there are better things to come and a better working relationship can be developed, and there will be change for the city of Detroit,” said Jen Clarkson, Executive Director of Dog Aide.

After years of offering help and requesting access, animal advocacy group Dog Aid, was finally given a tour by Director Harry Ward, along with the media.

“Do we do ground feeding? Throwing the food on the ground? That's a question for the state,” said Ward.

Dogs are not given food bowls and often eat off the floor next to their feces. Many kept shaking in their cages because they are not let out for exercise.

We also checked in on the puppies we showed you in a previous story. They have now been given a blanket and they have not yet been released to the Detroit Dog Rescue group, who is asking to take them. Until then, they are being put at risk of disease.

“They come in and we care for them,” said Ward. “Is the dog that came in a half hour ago vaccinated? No. Is he developing a disease? Could be. Is he going to be next to a dog that's not vaccinated? Could be,” said Ward.

Frederick wonders if Harry Ward's pet, which is permanently kept at the center, is at the same risk as Scrappy was who was moved from cage to cage until he died.

“You're killing our animals but your pet gets to stay there in a 20' by 20' pen, by himself, and you are just living high off the hog you're living off us,” said Weems. “We are paying taxes for you to keep your dog in that facility. Why isn't he at your home?”

The Detroit Dog Rescue and Detroit Animal Welfare group rescued some of the dogs from the Detroit Animal Control Center today, through a new city foster program. They say they could really use your donations right now to help treat these animals.

If you would like to get involved, a GoFundMe page has been set up:

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