MSP: Much to learn from road rage incident caught on tape

It's a nightmare scenario playing out on a metro Detroit highway.

It was brought to our attention on Facebook by a viewer and we couldn't ignore it. FOX 2 showed it to Michigan State Police who say there is a lot to learn from the video.

Early Monday morning on 1-75 near Big Bear Road, a driver spotted reckless behavior from two cars seemingly daring to hit the other - and starts recording from the driver's seat.

"At first I would be remiss if I didn't mention the guy shouldn't be recording and driving at the same time," Lt. Michael Shaw said.

Recording and as the speedometer shows, driving 80 miles an hour. While that may be true, the video itself shows many close calls all at the hands of road rage.

"This guy changes lanes over and this guy was going to pass this truck," Shaw said. "And now they get mad at each other and this truck is stuck in middle."

It's one thing if drivers are blinded by road rage jeopardizing them and it's another when innocent drivers are unwillingly sucked into the feud.

"Somebody has to be the bigger person and let that slide," Shaw said.

So it begs the question, what should you do if you find yourself in the middle of a road rage fight we don't want any part of?

"The best thing to do is tap your brakes, slow down, let them speed up ahead of you," Shaw said. "Even if it's to the point of exiting."

But of course each scenario is different.. in this scene for example you see the truck in the left lane surrounded by the dangerous driving.

"Now he was stuck in a bind where speeding up getting ahead of the situation," Shaw said. "So you are almost stuck playing it by ear. The easiest thing to do is, if you slow down let the action go ahead it puts it all in front of you and you're in control. If you speed up you are constantly looking in the rear view and deciding if you are part of it as well."

And after you're out of harm's way, police say that's when police you should take out the cell.

"I'd rather have them take out the phone and dial 911 and give us a call," Shaw said. "And let us come out there and deal with the situation and get tempers calmed down before someone really gets hurt."

Shaw says this situation we just saw play out is definitely worthy of a call to 911. They would come out and hopefully put a stop to the drivers before someone got hurt.

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