My View: Have you had enough of the debates?

Have you had enough debates yet?

Have you seen enough candidates fighting  back and forth. did you like the way the candidates call each other out. - and even the moderators.

How they criticize the network that's giving them the chance to speak to the public.  how they  insult each other. And verbally spar for a quick cheap shot.

It's my view that debates are not really debates. They are verbal boxing matches.

What is a debate? By definition it's supposed to be, "Formal discussion on a particular topic in which opposing arguments are put forward."

Aren't we losing that in all of the 'He said, she said'  with "you're ugly, you're a loser" kind of talk.

It's my view that they ought to have a debate  where you can't mention a competitor or the president.

All you can do is talk about you - and what you will do. And then they would have to answer the question asked - or their microphones would be cut off.

That's my view. We would like to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.

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