Needle found in Monroe child's Halloween Nestle Crunch bar

- A scary surprise for a family in Monroe after a needle is found in a child's Halloween candy bar.

As fast as you can boo, the loot from a night going door to door spilled out on the floor.  Aside from the sugar hangover, it all appeared harmless enough.
Parents doing their best to make sure nothing suspicious is in there.

"You kind of went through it, but you never look at every single piece," said Josh Dupe.

But on Michigan Avenue in Monroe, that attitude has taken a major shift after one trick-or-treater found a harmful trick and posted a picture of a sewing needle in a candy bar on Facebook as a warning.

The tainted chocolate was brought home in a plastic pumpkin after a night of trick or treating in their own neighborhood.

"A needle in a crunch bar," said Sondra Felix, oh my gosh. who would be so vile."

Now that newly acquired pile of candy is seen through a different, more cautious lense.

"When she saw an opened up candy, I was like throw it away," said parent Kori Severinski.

No chances are being taken here, but a lot of questions as to who would do such a thing with kids as the target. Others are wondering if this needle was put there intentionally or what would motivate a person to do such a thing.

FOX 2 tried to reach the family who found the tampered Crunch bar, they said it was just as scary as it seemed but they didn't have time to talk about it Tuesday evening.

FOX 2 was told the discovery was made after a relative stuck her hand inside the trick or treat pumpkin and that's when she was stuck. The very next call was made to police.

Police say they are investigating this incident but so far it seems like an isolated incident.


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