Neighbors: Madison Heights woman has been stealing packages for years

- A Madison Heights woman said she caught a package thief stealing from her front porch - and that the thief is her own next door neighbor.

Robyn Anderson thinks she finally caught the thief who has been stealing from her and her neighbors for more than three years.

"She ran up, she opened the door, ran up to my porch and swiped my package hop back in and left," said Anderson.

She reported the theft to police and told them she knew who it is who has been stealing from her: 40-year-old Lori Phyllaiere.

She says Phyllaiere has been stealing from homes on Myrtle and Hales Streets for years. She says Phyllaiere has taken lawn decor, packages, solar lights, and even flowers.

"I'm now finding on swap sites some of our stolen items," Anderson said.

Anderson said they've tried confronting her in the past but that the woman took action to stop them - by putting up cameras.

"She has cameras up, so when she steals from you and you come back to retrieve your itesm, she's got her cameras to say that you're stealing her item," Anderson said.

Anderson isn't alone; another neighbor says the same woman has been stealing from her and her boyfriend, breaking into cars and even stealing jewelry and medications.

"I've had one woman message me that she stole all of her daughters' Christmas gifts while she was at work," Anderson said.

Anderson says that woman later found the stolen items at Phyillaiere's home.

According to court records, Phyillaiere has four felony cases in Macomb County District court dating back to 2003. They include home invasion, drug possession, delivering and manufacturing drugs, and larceny.

A sentencing date is scheduled for January 26th.

Madison Heights Police are working with the Macomb County Sheriff to track her down.

"I don't understand how she keeps getting away with this! i really don't," Anderson said.

Phyillaiere's mother lives across the street admits her daughter has had problems. She's adopted her daughter's children and has heard from neighbors about the thefts.

"I have no idea what my daughter's doing," Phyillaiere's mom said. "If those stories are true, I can understand any anger in them."

When FOX 2 pulled up Lori Phyillaiere's home, Child Protective Services was there as well. A neighbor says she caught Lori Phyillaiere leaving just minutes before we both arrived.

"There's a child that she isn't supposed to be around and she just threw that child in a vehicle with a packed bag," Anderson said.

Neighbors and police are asking for help to track the woman down. Anyone with information on her location is asked to call police.


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