North Korea threat causes boom for survival stores

- As tensions rise between the east and west some people are getting ready for Armageddon.

People are stocking up on everything from pre-packaged meals to weapons as nuclear tensions between the US and North Korea mounts. Some metro Detroiters are preparing for an uncertain future.

"Just getting ready for whatever may come in life," said shopper Edwin Brown.

Army surplus stores have seen a spike in business as shoppers stock up on survival gear.

Andrea Southorn from Joe's Army Navy in Waterford says customers cleared out their stock of potassium iodide - a radiation antidote.

"It's a tablet that you take in the event of nuclear radiation," she said. "You take it and it fills your thyroid up with iodine so that way it won't absorb any of the nuclear radiation."

Also on the shopping list - MREs or meals ready to eat, medical kits and gas masks.

"We just sell them as a novelty item," Southorn said. "We don't guarantee them to work but I think people are just willing to take the chance of them hopefully working than not having one at all."

"It's always a good idea to have a bag or a pack that you out all your items in," said Lori Miller of Harry's Army Surplus. "That way if something happens, you just grab it; you don't have to be running all over the house looking for it. A 'bug out' bag."

Miller is from Harry's Army Surplus in Dearborn.

"A couple things it should have in it, is number one, water filtration, food, a way to warm yourself maybe a fire starter or something like that," she said. "Things like an emergency blanket that can save your life."

If we avoid the worst case scenario, the talk of a potential nuclear war should serve as a wakeup call

"I think we take a lot of things for granted so we're just thinking those basic necessities are going to always be there," said Laura Marshall.

What if they're not? You could start here this "Bug Out List" from Harry's Army Surplus - hopefully we won’t need any of it.

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