November hasn't really been worse than usual this year, Derek says

- It's safe to say that us weather people -- we're not the most popular people right now.

"It's too cold. I'd rather be south."

"The fact that we skipped fall is a little disappointing."

"You can say that on TV? It's been s****y. Yeah, it has been as a matter of fact."

Yeah, yeah. We keep hearing you say it. This November stinks.

But the truth is -- it hasn't been among the top worst Novembers. Sure, it's been colder than normal -- about 6 degrees. The average temperature around this time of year is about 49 degrees, while this year it's been 43 degrees.

Not only does this year not fall into the top 20 coldest Novembers ever, it also doesn't rank as one the snowiest. At 6.5 inches of snow, this November doesn't fall into the top 10 snowest Novembers. 

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