Personal records found dumped in Detroit's Brightmoor area

- People's personal information dumped for anyone to find.

The discovery was made by some neighborhood watch warriors in northwest Detroit.

The owner of a used car lot says he's the victim in this but couldn't provide too many answers to simple questions about how documents were dumped on the street.

FOX 2: "Who is this guy who put this stuff here?"

"To be honest, I don't know," said Ron McCombs, the owner of the car dealership. "It was bad that I even dealt with him."

Clean up and damage control -- the owner of a used car dealership claims ignorance after his customers' personal information was dumped on this debris littered block in Brightmoor.

Jonathan Pommerville found the ditched documents Sunday. He lives in Brightmoor and made a name for himself recording, exposing and confronting illegal dumpers.

He traced the documents back to Get Fresh Auto and that brings us back to its owner Ron McCombs

"As soon as I heard about it I came to retrieve everything I could retrieve," he said. "I retrieved everything I could retrieve."

FOX 2: "How did they get out here?"

"A guy picked up the wrong stack of stuff," McCombs said. "It was just supposed to be trash, instead he picked up trash along with everything and he just dumped it."

FOX 2: "But you know who he is right? We want talk to him because he's the one responsible for this stuff being out here."

"He was a fly by night dude, I don't know. I don't know," McCombs said. "I wouldn't even hire anybody to do this."

FOX 2: "So you don't know who this guy is, where he's from or how he was in contact with your business?"

"No I don't, I don't know," McCombs said.

Here's one thing Pommerville does know:

"(It's) people's information," he said. "They trust these companies, they give them all this information, they trust that they're doing the right thing and then it shows up on the side of the road here and they're none the wiser."

Detroit police is investigating and the business owner will likely get a ticket for illegal dumping. Pommerville's video will be used as evidence.

FOX 2 tried contacting a few of the people whose personal information was left out on the street but were unsuccessful.

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