RAW INTERVIEW: Man suspected in threat to James Craig talks to FOX 2 before his arrest

- Stuart Lewis is accused of spray painting threats against Detroit Police and chief James Craig. On Friday, before his arrest, he talked to FOX 2's Taryn Asher about the spray painting.

During the interview, he told Asher that he noticed it on the building Thursday, that there was a lot of 'crazy stuff' going on in his neighborhood, and that he doesn't call police if he needs them.'

He also said that he didn't think Chief Craig is a good person. At that point, Asher asked if he wrote the threat on the wall - to which he replied that he did not. 

Late Friday, police picked up Lewis on charges that he made the threat. On Saturday, the Wayne County Prosecutor's office released him from custody and asked for more evidence. On Monday, he was back in DPD custody and has been charged with threat of terrorism; possession with intent to deliver marijuana; and malicious destruction of a building. 

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Watch the video above to see the raw interview with Lewis - you can also read the transcript of the conversation below:

Taryn Asher: "What did you see? What do you think?"

Stuart Lewis: "I noticed on the building yesterday morning - it was up there - it said I believe 'kill the police' and James Craig's name up there. That's all I could see"

TA: "What did you think when you saw that?"

SL: "What did I think when I saw that? Well, about a month ago I noticed a couple of females walking past, maybe 17 to 19, stop and spray some stuff on the building around maybe 830, 9 o'clock in the afternoon. They were like teenagers and stuff - there was two of them. After that, they washed it off - someone washed it off - and then a month later this was put up here. So, um, there's a lot of graffiti going around here - it's just that, that right there was sort of above and beyond - you know what I mean. Putting that up there, kill the police and I believe James Craig's name was there or whatever. But besides that a lot of crazy stuff going around this neighborhood, noticed and unnoticed."

TA: "Did you see anyone tag that building?"

SL: "No I didn't see anyone tag that building at all. Just when I got up yesterday morning, I noticed it up there."

TA: "Did you say anything, did you do anything?"

SL: "No I didn't say anything or do anything. I have a neighbor that lives here but I haven't seen them in some time. I really don't - this block right here, everyone is basically to themselves - so to say."

TA: "What do you think about someone who would write that, about the police department in Detroit - and the police officers?"

SL: "Um, well, um, saying that, you know, a lot of times we call the police, you know, they don't come. So, a lot of people within this city have become bitter towards the police and whatnot. So, um, the police, I believe, need to upgrade - you know, I believe that they need to do better by people."

TA: "Do you think that they should threaten their lives?"

SL: "Um, to me, it is what it is. This city has no conflict resolution to any of its problems, and I believe that the police and the people of the city are separated very far. I don't believe, like I said, there's any conflict resolution to the people getting along and the people of the city due to the widespread corruption going on within the police department. From Ella Bully-Cummings when she was in office to the new police chief."

TA: "You don't think it's getting any better?"

SL: "No, I don't believe it's getting better with James Craig. I believe that the murder rate in this city has been, um, exagerated and lied about. I believe the murder rate is very, very - way up there. I don't believe that the police chief is um, I don't believe the police chief, himself, is a good person."

TA: "You didn't write that, did you?"

SL: "No, I didn't. I just don't believe in the police. I myself, personally, if I had a problem, I wouldn't even call the police. I'm sorry, i try not to have problems but if I had any problems, I would not call the police. I don't have anything for the police department "

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