Recount over but questions about recount laws questioned

A federal judge ordered the end of a hand recount in Michigan but the three-day process cost millions and also raised questions about how your vote is counted.

In Macomb County, some of the ballot boxes that hold your votes are old - proving problematic for your vote to be counted under Michigan law.

"There were several instances where the seal numbers were not recorded in the poll book," Macomb County Elections Clerk Roger Cardamone said.

Under Michigan election law, if the seal was broken or the ballot count numbers don't match up, your vote still counts, but ballots in that box won't be recounted.

That's something many clerks want to change.

"Maybe with election laws, now we have to look at a lot of our election laws and maybe change some of them," Macomb Cunty Clerk Carmella Sabaugh said.

In Macomb County, 185 precincts that were able to be recounted and 14 were not.

Some members in the legislature want a full investigation as to why there were any irregularities in preventing a 100% of precincts to be recounted, in every county.

Unrecountable precincts happen throughout the state. Janice Winfrey, the Detroit city clerk says that the vast majority of states acknowledge human error and incorporate that into their laws, but Michigan does not.

"It is my hope that the experience of this recount compels Michigan Legislators to review the current laws and change them to ensure that all precincts  are recounted in the future. It is the only way to really demonstrate transparency and accuracy of the process," Winfrey said in a statement.

Despite the uncountable votes and old equipment, clerks say there was no evidence of fraud.

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