Roop Raj looks at what's on the line with Proposal 3

- Want to vote absentee but you don't qualify? What about registering to vote, do you wish you had more time?
These are just two of the parts of Proposal Three you'll be asked to vote on Tuesday.

Friday was a busy day at the city clerk's office in Detroit with non-stop pre-election traffic.  Clerk Janice Winfrey says it's a steady flow of in person absentee voting that is happening. 

Some like Phylis Jackson asking a question when they walk in, about absentee voting.

"According to the selections listed I am ineligible to do absentee voting," she said. "So Proposal Three would be great for the people who fit in my description."

Under Proposal three, anyone can vote absentee. Jackson, taking care of aging parents and working full time would love that piece of it.  

Here's a breakdown of what else is in it. Proposal 3 would:

Automatically register people to vote when they're renewing driver's licenses.

Anyone could vote absentee without giving a reason. 
Bring back straight-ticket voting which went away after a court order. 

It would allow voters to register 15 days before Election Day by mail and in person on Election Day.

Clerk Janice Winfrey says if it passes, they need to be ready for same day registration to make sure fraud never happens. 

"We should have a live feed in the qualified voter file just to ensure that a person isn't going from precinct to cast a ballot," Winfrey said. "If we have a live feed to the qualified voter file it would prevent that.  A person can be processed very easily and receive their ballot at the same time."

She also says they need to be ready if this passes as the number of absentee ballots would soar. 

"Administratively there needs to be some things in place for especially large municipalities," Winfrey said. "We know that if there is an increase in absentee voting that the volume of ballots will increase and will probably double. So administratively we would like to see some additions to that."

And remember about the back and forth of straight party voting. It was allowed and then a court of appeals asked to stop it.  Proposal 3 puts it back into effect.  

"You could no longer do that now," Winfrey said. "For this election there is no straight party so one would have to vote individually for the candidates of their choice. Proposal Three would allow again for straight party voting."

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has not weighed in on Proposal 3. 

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