Security for Kid Rock shows say arena's subcontractor hasn't paid up

- Since Little Caesars Arena opened, about 70 people were hired to work security there.

But pay day has come and gone and some are left wondering where is the money they earned.  They have worked at LCA since the opening notes of the Kid Rock concert.
Security workers found the gig by word of mouth or by answering a social media ad. Admittedly, some had their reservations early on.

"I never had an interview," said Dawauna Johnson. "I never met the people I was working for. I didn't know who my boss was."

But the job got done with the agreement they would get $10 an hour, cash. Then came pay day.

"They owe me $1,400," Johnson said. "I only got a check for 400."

Dawauna Johnson says that's only after waiting in line for hours at a location on Outer Drive that was texted to her  by a subcontractor that she only knew as "Rock."

"He can't even pay us," she said. "There were almost 100 people in line last night waiting for their money."

She said they were told the rest of the money would come the next day.  Now this subcontractor named "Rock"  isn't answering his phone and his voicemail is full.  And there was no answer when FOX 2 called or anyone else, for that matter.

"I would just like to be paid the money that's owed to me," she said. "I love the job that I was doing. I don't have a problem with them, they are legitimate people. I have a problem with the fraud people."

So too does the real security company. City Shield is hired by Olympia Entertainment to handle security for events at Little Caesars Arena like the Kid Rock concert

In order to find the staff, City Shield went with a subcontractor. The security company said in a statement:

"(We) hired the subcontractor in good faith to provide security services and several payments to him and employees directly. However, his inability to pay his employees over the past several days and his inability to communicate his plan of action has forced City Shield' to step in.

"City Shield will be paying the employees for their work directly, and will take the next 48 hours working around the clock to make sure everyone who worked gets paid. In addition if the workers are qualified and willing, they will be offered jobs within the company.

"City Shield no longer has a relationship with the subcontractor and takes full responsibility what has happened and is working to make all employees whole."

Johnson she says if and when she gets paid, she'd gladly go back to work.

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