Senate committee approves bill to allow guns in Michigan schools

Members of a Senate committee debated and agreed upon a compromise regarding guns in Michigan schools as gun owners made their voices heard in Lansing.

While a compromise was agreed upon, not everyone likes it.

"They would have an avenue to protect themselves until the police show up. The criminal knows its a gun-free zone. they know they're a target.t hey just come on in and do whatever damage they want," Greg O'Neil with the Michigan Gun Owners said.

Opponents, however, would prefer police handle situations like that.

"That's really best left to law enforcement. They have the training and experience," Marilynn Edick with Mom's Demand Action said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee met to discuss legislation to allow concealed weapons in schools on Tuesday. The legislation would allow concealed weapons but ban the open carry of weapons in schools.

Supporters and opponents were fired up as the issue was discussed. Both sides made their voices heard inside the packed committee room where there was extra security in place to make sure emotions were kept in check.

As the meetings wrapped, the committee appeared ready to legalize concealed weapons in the schools, but some school officials were not happy.

"I think you're bringing a weapon that can harm others into an environment where if kids have access to  them, even (by mistake), it creates a safety hazard for students," Don Wotruda of Michigan Association of School boards said.

Senator Mike Green, sponsor of the bill, believes the open carry of weapons is disruptive to the education process but he's fine with concealed guns in schools.

"This is what the superintendents are asking for. Don't forget, we have the right to carry in the gun-free zones today. The only thing I'm proposing is we change it a little bit so people can still carry, yet not open." Green said.

The committee voted to approve the bill but if it makes it through legislature, it may be vetoed by Governor Rick Snyder. He's gone on record to say he doesn't want guns anywhere at any time.

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