Slotkin targets campaign finance reform ahead of swearing-in

- Congresswoman-elect Elissa Slotkin back in Michigan after completing new member orientation on Capitol Hill and meeting her new colleagues.

"We are the most women that have ever come in one class, the youngest class, the most diverse, so getting to know everybody has been really wonderful. There's a great comradery, and you can really feel how it's a different generation and we just approach everything differently," she said.

The former CIA analyst beat Republican incumbent Mike Bishop by 13,000 votes in her election night victory speech Slotkin talked about uniting people, both Democrats and Republicans.

Congresswoman-elect Elissa Slotkin part of Michigan's blue wave

"There are things both in style and  in substance that we can do to improve relations between Democrats and Republicans, and I think that's the responsibility of leaders, anyone who wants to lead anyone, needs to be someone who fundamentally is a uniter instead of a divider," she said.

And while she isn't being sworn in until January, Slotkin is already tackling campaign finance reform.

"Money and politics is so toxic. It's undercutting everything we want to do to make progress. I'm very happy to say that the first bill of the new Cogress, HR 1, is going to be on campaign finance reform and government accountability," she said.

Slotkin often talks about change and she's made it clear that she believes there needs to be change at the top. She and her constituents do not believe Nancy Peolosi should be the new speaker of the house.

"They want new leadership. They want someone in particular who understands the issues that are going on here in Michigan. We don't have many Midwesterners in leadership in Congress and you can feel that," she said.

Slotkin upsets 8th US House district with win over Bishop

Once she takes office, Slotkin wants to focus on health care, prescription drugs and infrastructure. She says it's time to have a real conversation about gun control and gun violence.

"We just elected a record number of veterans and service candidates to htis new class. We all have experience carrying weapongs. I think we're in a really good position to finally have a real conversation because avoiding the conversation, which is what's gone on for the past 20 years, I believe that to be just complete dereliction of duty," she said.

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