Snyder to LeDuff: I would let my grandkids bathe in Flint Water

Before the emails were released, Governor Rick Snyder sat down with Charlie LeDuff. At times, he was emotional and even seemed to choke up when talking about the damage done to Flint and the children. He also made a vow: he would spend the rest of his time in office fixing the problem.

Watch the unedited interview with Gov. Snyder in the video above 

The water is tainted with lead, there's no debating that. Now people want to know what Gov. Snyder is going to do about it. Two other topics that can't be debated: Flint is poor and is majority black. So is this his 'Hurricane Katrina'

"If you look at it, it is a disaster. I had people that worked for me to be blunt, let all of us down. But I'm responsible. So I am not trying to get out of that. You have to responsible for these things, I'm taking responsibility but I want to fix the problem," Snyder said.

For almost two years, Flint's residents complained about the odor, taste, and smell of the water. The water was doing so much damage that General Motors stopped using Flint water on it's vehicles. The water causing automobile parts to rust yet people were still being to told that it was safe to drink.

There was talk in February, then June and July, about potential lead contamination, yet Snyder didn't issue an order. The most powerful man in the state

Snyder told LeDuff that he's not concerned with his legacy or memory in the state. He's worried about the people of Flint. So would he let his grandchildren bathe in that water every day? He said he would because he's been advised that it's safe.

Charlie: "I don't think I'd let my child chew on a Chinese made toy, I don't think I'd let my child bathe in water where we know there's high levels of lead. You would let your grandchild bathe in that?"

"We don't know that there's necessarily high levels of lead in every bathtub. There could be that risk. We've been told by the experts that's by itself, you want to watch the child. You don't want to leave them by themselves. You need to monitor that to make sure they're not drinking the water," he said.

Watch the entire, unedited interview with Gov. Snyder in the video above

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