Farmington Hills family's cats nab Guiness World Records

- The Guinness Book of World records has released some of its latest record holders -- and two of them live here in metro Detroit. In fact, they also live in the same house.

Cygnus and Arcturus Aldebaran each hold a Guiness World Record for 2018. Cygnus has the longest tail, measuring in at 17.58 inches, and Arcturus Aldebaran is the tallest domestic cat, measuring in at 19.05 inches.

"As you can see, we love our boys. We're super into our cats, and, when someone tells you that your cat is "the best" at a particular thing that's uniquely special, that's really validation for a cat family," says Cat Dad William Powers.

Cygnus is a Silver Maine Coon cat. The Powers didn't say specifically what type of cat Arcturus Aldebaran, or Arc, as they call him, is. But, Powers does say Art is still growing.

He says they measured him when he was only 18 months old, and that he'll keep growing until he's almost 5 years old.

The average cat stands about 12-13 inches at the shoulder at most, so Powers says Arc's height would be the human equivelant of being about 10 feet tall among his peers. 

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