Stephen Paddock scouted other locations before Las Vegas massacre

- Disturbed and dangerous - that's how investigators profile Stephen Paddock - the man who, they say lived a secret life and acquired an arsenal over decades before opening fire perched in a Las Vegas casino hotel room raining deadly fire.

A new 10 minute video just released - shows the chaos that unfolded as 22,000 country music fans tried to escape the bullets.

We are learning what happened in Las Vegas may not have been Paddock's first attempt at a mass shooting. The 64-year-old booked a room at the Blackstone Hotel overlooking the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago last August, but never showed.

In late September he stayed at the Ogden near the Las Vegas strip that overlooked the Life is Beautiful concert - but nothing happened.

Investigators now studying that surveillance. Reportedly - law enforcement sources also say the gunman researched possible attack locations in Boston - hotels surrounding Fenway Park

"We are aware of the media reports but because of the ongoing investigation not going to speak any more on that," said Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

Federal investigators are also looking into the possibility Paddock was planning a car bombing. In his vehicle was 1.600 rounds of ammo and 50 pounds of explosives.

"I'm more angry about the situation," said Kristin Babik who was wounded in the attack. "I don't understand why someone would do this to so many innocent people. I'm fortunate that I survived but other people didn't."

All of this and Paddock's motive remains a mystery - no criminal history, no political agenda, and no connections to terrorism. Investigators now looking into whether the shooter had help.

Paddock's girlfriend denies any involvement, but believes her boyfriend suffered from mental health issues.

In the meantime there has been talk of gun control including a possible bump stock ban - an attachment that allows a semi-automatic rifle to fire like a machine gun.

Some Republican lawmakers, the NRA, and the president say they would consider it.

"We certainly welcome that," said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House spokesperson. "We would like to be part of that conversation we would like to see a clear understanding of the facts."

Cabela's and Walmart have stopped selling the bump stocks but other retailers continue to.

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