Stranger danger alert in Wyandotte after abduction attempt of 13-year-old girl

- A tight knit Wyandotte neighborhood is keeping a close eye for a white man estimated to be in his 40s, driving alone in what is only described as a white work van in good condition.

He allegedly stalked a 13-year old girl as she was walking alone to meet her friends for a ride to Wilson junior high at about 7:30 Wednesday morning.

Police say the suspect pulled up next to her at the intersection of 4th and Bondie, and asked if she needed a ride to school then ordered her to get in.

When she refused, he got out of the van, and the girl took off running to the local Circle K, where a parent and friend rushed to meet her.

Police further describe the man as having an average build with brown hair, a mustache and bright blue eyes. He was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and black boots.

It's not every day you hear about a crime attempt this heinous in Wyandotte. 

"It's crazy for that to happen in Wyandotte, totally unheard of," said Joe Creek who lives nearby.

"It's a pretty quiet and peaceful neighborhood," said resident Christopher Mellor. "All our neighbors are pretty caring. This is the first I've ever heard of anything like this."

"If the guy tries again hopefully someone will get a plate number and hopefully he won't succeed," said Creek.

Parents in the neighborhood are taking the opportunity to remind their kids of stranger danger.

"We went from saying they could ride their bikes to, they can't now; not unless somebody is present," said Mellor.

Police are still investigating this morning's incident, they say there may be another witness who saw this take place, and they're encouraging anyone with information to please give them a call at (734) 324-4405.

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