Warren mayor's 'environmental scandal' Facebook post rankles Macomb Co exec

WEB UPDATE: In a phone interview, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts says his cryptic Facebook post was about a landfill incident at Freedom Hill.

He wrote this summer 200,000 yards of dirt was moved on the former landfill site at Freedom Hill causing the ground to collapse and  40 methane gas monitor sites were covered up and/or damaged. About 100 trees were destroyed.

Fouts said late Thursday night that his Flint analogy was about an environmental disaster being  covered up by government officials. Fouts says that there is concern that contaminates will be leaching from the site into the Red Run Drain.

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A Facebook post by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts alarmed public officials and residents in Macomb County Thursday.

It read, "A major environmental scandal is brewing in Macomb County. This could cost taxpayers millions of dollars."

Fouts also wrote that this is a "developing situation"  and could be a mini-version of what happened in Flint. But county officials are speaking out after the cryptic post.

"I mean we start talking about things like the Flint water crisis and a mini version of that, which is unacceptable."

County Executive Mark Hackel called out Mayor Fouts saying his comments are false. Hackel says he tried calling Mayor Fouts say to get more information, but never heard back.

"To not want to call us back when you're talking about Macomb County yet wanting to play with social media to create a stir for the public," Hackel said. "I don't know what his issue is."

FOX 2 came to Fout's office Thursday afternoon more than 12 hours after he posted his original comments on Facebook. He wasn't available, and his assistant said the Fouts is still gathering all of the facts.

FOX 2: "What would you like to say to the mayor?"

"Before you post something like that make sure you know what's going on and inform the public before you speculate or whatever you want to call it," said Hackel.

Fouts called FOX 2 late in the afternoon, and he claims his post is connected to illegal dumping and a cover up in Macomb County.

"What I was referring to was an environmental disaster that was caused by some key official in Macomb County at the closed freedom Hill County Park," he said.

Although he doesn't have documentation to back up his claims, Fouts says his information is legit saying he got it from employees with the DEQ who he will not name.

"I think there are some engineers and other things," said Fouts. "I can't say specifically who I got it from, but I'm confident my information is correct."

Fouts claims he is holding public officials accountable and the county executive says this act is nothing more than political gain.

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