Wayne County Deputy sues department, claims female sergeant sexually harassed him

A former Wayne County Sheriff's Officer has filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff Department after he claims he was sexually harassed by his female boss and the department did nothing to stop it.

Philip Kozlowski filed a lawsuit against the Wayne County Sheriff's Office in late November claiming that the department laughed off the sexual harassment and instead of dealing with the matter, they demoted him to desk duty as a non-sworn officer.

Kozlowski filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Detroit on November 28. In it, he claims that, his female supervisor - a sergeant - began sexually harassing him in November 2014 through October 2015.

According to the lawsuit, he claims in that time span her comments included the following:

"We can break my new mattress in."
"What would you do if I were to unbutton your pants and just start sucking your (expletive) right now?"
"I only live 3 blocks from your son's house, why don't you come by after you visit for (oral sex)?"
"Next time you throw a party, invite me over, we can get your wife drunk and have a threesome."
"I'd love to sit in your Jacuzzi topless."
"You need to talk to me the way you talk to your wife."
"Why don't you (expletive) me? You (expletive) all those other hoes."
"Your wife is a ho from the ghetto."
"It's okay to cheat because men are hard wired for sex and in the biblical days men had more than one woman."
"Did you see '50 Shades of Grey'? I bet you are just like him in bed."

Beyond the vulgar comments, Kozlowski also claims she sent his partners to false assignments so she could be alone with him, she would lock herself in the office with him with the lights off, contacted him on his personal phone for non-work issues, driven by his home multiple times, pulled him off assignments, and neglected her duties as a sergeant.

The lawsuit claims she even referred to his son as her own and to Kozlowski as her husband.

According to the lawsuit, when he filed the complaint, the sergeant demanded to know what he said in the complaint and she told the corporal holding his complaint with "Kozlowski doesn't know how he's (expletive) with. I'm going to (expletive) him, and (expletive) him good."

On October 24, 2015, he filed a complaint of sexual harassment. Four days later, he says he was demoted as a non-sworn officer as result of his complaint. On November 7, he said he was transferred to a different division. By the end of the month, he said he was on desk duty.

He's not suing the sergeant, however. He's taking the entire sheriff's department to court for $75,000. He claims that the department didn't do anything to stop the harassment and only laughed it off.

His lawsuit also claims he was discriminated against because of his gender. Being a man, he said that it caused him to be treated differently and with hostility. The lawsuit claims that despite notifying the department, the sheriff's department failed to take any remedial action but instead demoted him based on his gender and in retaliation for his claims of sexual harassment.

The entire lawsuit is embedded below (WARNING - STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE):


Wayne County Sexual Harassment Lawsuit by FOX 2 News on Scribd

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