Woman fired for paying homeless man to run naked down street on camera

A Boost Mobile employee hysterically laughs at a naked homeless man running down Joy Road in Detroit in the middle of the day.

"Look at all these people looking at him, this (expletive) is the funniest thing in (expletive) America."

But what you don't realize is she is the one who paid him $20 to do it.

FOX 2: "Are you the one who paid the homeless man $20 to strip?"

"No, another lady - she doesn't work here anymore," said a Boost Mobile employee.

FOX 2: "Fired?"

(Nods head).

FOX 2: "Because of it?"

(Nods head)

The store employee says the owner of the cell phone store fired the worker after the video was seen online. Apparently she violated the employee handbook.

"I think he was asking for money, something like that," an employee said. "I think she was doing it as a joking matter and he actually did it."

The video begins recording right after that. The homeless man takes off his clothes and puts on his shoes as the worker eggs him on.

"Dude, you don't need the shoes," she's heard saying.

"You got kids around here that isn't a nice thing to do around here," said customer Charles Butler. "For her to pay him $20, what kind of woman is she, (to pay him) to run naked."

Regular customers like Charles Butler who live in the area, were floored by what this worker did to this young homeless man, who we were told hangs out in the area. And according to the text on the video, was just looking for a few extra dollars to eat.

"She needed to be fired to do something like that, because that's degrading someone who is homeless," the employee said. "Feed them; don't give them $20 to run naked up and down the street."

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