Marygrove College students say school revoked financial aid

Students at Marygrove are shocked when financial aid dollars disappear. However, the college says the money was never theirs to begin with.

Imagine thinking you were going to get something and suddenly it goes bye bye. That's what several Marygrove College students say happened to their financial aid.

"They said I was over rewarded but I always get the same amount every year." Mariah Sammons, Marygrove College Student said.

Another student, who did not want to be identified, says without the financial aid she now owes the college $4,000.

"This stops me from getting my bachelors degree, from moving forward, creates a debt for me."

But Marygrove College sees the incident differently 

College officials tell Fox 2 in part: 

"Because of a software glitch, the refund checks some 200 students received for the fall semester exceeded the amount they were entitled to by anywhere from $500 to around $3,000. That glitch was discovered and was corrected for the winter term. The refund checks they are receiving for the winter term are the full amount to which they are entitled and are consistent with the refund checks they received for previous semesters."

These students say they're not buying what college officials have to say about their financial aid. In fact they believe there is something else going on behind the gates. These students say they are not giving up and plan to fight back 

"I honestly think Marygrove is running out of money," Sammons said. "I feel like the reason they're doing that is because they're running out of money and they're trying to take it back anyway possible and they don't think we're smart enough to fight or try to go against it. Several students have talked to lawyers who say we have legitimate case. Once you accept terms if scholarship Marygrove not suppose to take it from us"
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