Melendez camp cites Floyd Dent's arrest record, drug test in court hearing

Floyd Dent will receive nearly $1.4 million from the city of Inkster in a lawsuit settlement from a beating case caught on camera. 

Just hours after the announcement, Dent took the stand to testify against the man charged with beating him, William Melendez. The judge sent Melendez to trial charged with assault to do great bodily harm, misconduct in office and a new charge of strangulation. He is due back in court June 10.

The attorney for Melendez said that Dent was a wanted man who had been arrested nine times before and was on drugs at the time of the traffic stop.

"At the time he was arrested, we believe that there were two warrants outstanding for his arrest," said attorney Jim Thomas. "We believe at the time of his arrest, he was under the influence of drugs and there are medical records that confirm that at Garden City Hospital, which we have not been able to have."

Those medical records held up the court hearing, but Dent's attorney claims they are bogus.

Dent was taken to Garden City Hospital to be drug tested and treated for his broken eye socket, ribs and bleeding on the brain. 

His attorney Greg Rohl says employees falsified the results of the drug test and he plans to sue.

"We tested him after that and he was totally clean," Rohl said. "The serum analysis they have and are going to introduce, was clean. So to say that, again, suggests to me, that Garden City Hospital or at least a member of Garden City Hospital, conspired with these officers to paint my client as a drug user."

Chris Allman, Garden City Hospital director of risk management, released a statement Thursday afternoon, saying they "would not falsify any test for anybody - be that Floyd Dent or anybody else. We operate 100 percent within the bounds of the law."

Allman added that he can't comment on Dent's records legally, but as far as receiving a lawsuit from Rohl yet, he hasn't "received any communication to that effect."

For the first time since the Jan. 28 incident, Dent and the officer accused of beating him, were face to face.

Dent testified how the man known as "Robo Cop" pulled him over and beat him that night.

"He told me to get out of the car or he'll kill me," Dent said. "As I got out of the car, that's when he snatched me by the arm and pulled me to the ground."

"He was choking me, choking me so hard I couldn't breathe. I told him five or six times I couldn't breathe. 

"After that he started beating me on the right side of the head."

The defense claimed Melendez used the force he did, because Dent resisted arrest and because of his past and due to drugs in his system. Melendez claimed he found cocaine in the car - many alleged he actually planted.

But Dent maintained - he did not buy, have drugs or take drugs that night.

The judge sent Melendez to trial charged with assault to do great bodily harm, misconduct in office and a new charge of strangulation. 
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