Michigan mom turns to medical marijuana for daughter in need

A Michigan mom says she is breaking the law so she can help her daughter's seizures and she's doing it with medical marijuana, which is not legalized in Michigan.

According to Belinda Phillips, since she started administering medicinal marijuana, it's cut her daughter's seizures by 90 percent. Her 21-year-old daughter, Marlee, has a genetic condition that caused her to have seizures most of her life but she says medical marijuana made a drastic change.

"It's medicine," she said. "I'm just shocked, she's been on everything and this has been the most beneficial medicine that she's ever been on."

Marlee use to have had 8 to 15 seizures a day. That was until last January when she started taking a capsule of concentrated medical marijuana. Since then, Phillips said her seizures are down to maybe one a day. 

However, getting the medical marijuana is difficult and the law doesn't help. Still, she doesn't feel like a criminal.

"I feel like I'm giving my daughter medication but it's nerve-racking," she said.

To clarify medical marijuana, there are two bills that will be introduced in the legislature this week. One puts restrictions on dispensaries, the other expands usable forms like the type she uses. Does that mean more kids will use medical marijuana? Not quite, says the National Patient Rights Association.

"We'll see less kids using marijuana because we're regulating the distribution," Robin Schneider said there are approximately 100 kids in Michigan currently using medical  marijuana like Marlee.

David Garvelink is a clinical psychologist and wants to see the proof.

"That would be wonderful if it [worked]. I would be in favor of studies that would show that," he said. "Marijuana makes people high and if you're high you're going to feel better. That doesn't mean you're truly addressing the problem or that maybe it's even effective for the problem.

For now, the future lies in the debate that moves to the state legislature.
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