Milford Mom takes toddler on high-speed chase from police

 An Oakland County mother takes her toddler on a dangerous ride, trying to outrun police. 

Michelle Miller was arrested and charged with two felonies, fleeing and alluding police and felony child abuse fourth  degree. Neither she nor her toddler were injured.

The sign outside Walmart indicated a fire lane, but Miller, 22, of Milford, parked her car here in the fire lane and goes inside to shop at I-96 and Milford Road.

She left her 2-year-old child inside and the keys in the car, with the motor running and doors unlocked. An alert Oakland County deputy is the first person to walk up.

"The deputy was in the parking lot already," said Oakland County undersheriff Michael McCabe. "He observed the fire lane violation. He went up and as you see in the video, starts talking to her. She gets very animated and upset."

Miller tells the officer she had no driver's license, but handed him an ID. 

The deputy already knows who she is and he ran her plate. She got back in her car and fled. She sped by one responding deputy which approached her in oncoming traffic, with lights and siren on. 

The deputy who followed from Walmart elected to call off the chase for safety's sake and was heading to her home address. 

"He pursues her and knows who she is from the ID and he has the license plate," McCabe said. "The deputy cut it off a mile, two miles when they got on the dirt road. He didn't want to take any unnecessary risk."

Not much longer they discover the suspect crashed at the intersection of Pontiac Trail and South Hill Rd. The driver's door is open and mom and the 2-year-old are gone.

But neighbors who saw it all tip off the deputies.

"The neighbors said they saw her take the baby and hide behind a house," McCabe said. "The deputies apprehended her there."

McCabe said that parents should never leave their young child in a running car alone.

"You've seen where people go to gas stations, they run in for just a second, and somebody jumps in the car and takes off," he said. "And there's a child or baby in the car. I don't understand it. All she had to do was park and take what, another five minutes."

The 2-year-old is currently with a grandmother and Child Protective Services is investigating. 
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