New bulletproof baseball hat gets tested at range

The manufacturer says it can save your life, even if you are shot in the head.

A Michigan company is producing a bulletproof baseball hat.

Many are familiar with bullet proof vests, worn by many police officers everyday - but what about a baseball hat for your head?

Troy-based Bullet Safe makes bullet proof vests for security guards and decided to add head gear. The baseball cap has a bullet proof panel covering the forehead. 

"We've also gotten a lot of positive feedback from police officers because they can't wear riot gear everyday," said Tom Nardone of Bullet Safe. "This is a friendlier way of having some protection."

The ball cap has a 5-ounce panel covering the forehead. The entire cap panel included, weighs only 8 ounces. 

Will it stop a bullet?  Neil Emanuel is a firearms instructor and marksman at Action Impact gun range in Southfield.

"We'll be using a Glock 17 which is a 9 millimeter," Emanuel said.

Neil fires a round into the cap covering the cabbage. The cardboard pedestal collapses, but look again. You can actually see the bullet round bouncing off the cap.

The bulletproof cap works as the round rebounds off the cap. Although it would ring your bell.

After the cabbage, the question is will the cap save your melon. 

The cap goes on a cantaloupe and another round is fired.

The ball cap stops the round again. And here it is, a mushroomed 9 mm round stopped by the cap.  

However, as far as the energy delivered to the melon, although the bullet did not penetrate it's going to leave a mark.

"When we saw the melon hit, the (hat) panel did stop the round," Nardone said. "But the energy from the panel did crack the front of that melon.

"In our early tests indicate that if you do get shot in the head wearing one of these, you are going to get a concussion.

"Is a concussion better than a bullet entering your skull, it seems like that's definitely true."

The ball cap is not on the market yet, but will retail for about $129 dollars. 

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