No pay for auto show security; company blames technical issue

Friday usually means payday - but not for many working security at the North American International Auto Show today.

A spokesperson for the auto show said that the payroll problem caused some security guards to leave work early  and others did not work their shifts at all.

"It's frustrating, I have bills backed up," said employee Christina Edwards. "I have four children at home."

Today is payday but only a handful of workers receive their paychecks.

FOX 2: "How many people have not received their paychecks?"

"About 30 people," said employee Demetrius Nix. "With at least seven people checks were short. Some people were only paid for two days that have been here longer than me."

The spokesman for the auto show says the contracted security company's switch from a paper sign in-sign out system to a computerized one, caused a  slight delay in issuing paychecks. 

Edwards showed up for her shift with very clear terms.

"I've been working for two weeks," she said. "And I'm going to check in a few minutes and if it's not there I'll possibly walk off the post."

Edwards stuck around and discovered after her shift, her check was available.

A spokesperson for the auto show said that current security staffing is more than enough to keep everyone safe for the last couple of days of the auto show. 

The payroll problem has been rectified and the paychecks will be issued as soon as possible.
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