Nude photos found on 14-year-old girl's new cell phone

With all the sexting and cyber-bullying going on, many parents are nervous about giving their children smart phones 

Tonight one set of parents have a good reason to feel that way as 14-year-old Molly Hall got an eyeful of what no young teenager should.

Molly received a refurbished Sprint phone filled with nude photos of another couple. 

"My daughter, I feel like her innocence was taken away because of this," said Donovan Hall.

"You try to shield your kids from that crap and it just pops up," said Lindsey Rusk.

Molly said the experience was upsetting.

"I saw the new stuff and I was like, 'What is this,'" Hall said. "It was gross, I was very mortified." 

Her brand new, albeit refurbished HTC One M8 was full of the explicit photos.

"It was a couple together, it was their personal photos," Donovan Hall said. "And they don't want their personal photos out there."

Molly deleted the photos after finding them. Stunned and embarrassed, she told her mom what she found.

"I was so ticked off, so ticked off," Rusk said. "My daughter called me crying when she saw it and this was supposed to be a Christmas present, not a disaster."

Right away I called corporate and talked to them and they had no answers for me. So I emailed them, blew up their Facebook and still heard nothing."

The phone was bought at Fast Wireless in Davison, a Sprint retailer.

Molly's dad Donovan says he first bought the phone in December as a Christmas gift but sent it back because it wasn't working.

He says Sprint sent back a refurbished phone last week.

"I paid for a new phone and they sent me a refurbished phone with the pictures on it without wiping the phone," Donovan Hall said. "And that's how this happened." 

A district manager from the Davison store says Sprint is investigating what happened. He says another Sprint store sent the phone to Davison but no one from that store had access to the phone, delete the old pictures and it's unclear who dropped the ball.

"I just would ask them why would they do that," Molly Hall said.

"So many kids now have smart phones and I was thinking okay, I felt bad that she didn't get one until she was 14," Rusk said. "But now i'm like oh was that really a good choice."

"My daughter, I feel like her innocence was taken away because of this," Donovan Hall said. "That's not something they can give back to her."

Now Molly's mom and dad are considering taking legal action against Sprint.

FOX 2 reached out to its corporate spokesperson but no response yet. The manager at this store however says Sprint is investigating how those pictures ended up on Molly's phone. 

Editor's Note: The phone was purchased in Davison, Mich. at Fast Wireless, a Sprint Retailer - not to be confused with Fastalk Wireless, a Boost Mobile retailer, which is also located in Davison. 

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