Officer involved in suspect beating has history of disciplinary problems

As Michigan State Police investigate the arrest of a carjacker --  we're learning much more tonight about one of the officers at the center of this video.

One of the two officers being investigated for the recent beating of an armed suspect before and after he was handcuffed on video, has a history of incidents.

Records show Ronald Dupuis has a history of disciplinary problems accused of everything from tasering his partner to beating a disabled man.

The suspect beaten in the video has a checkered past, and so does Dupuis.

Highland Park city attorney Todd Perkins is responding to questions why Dupuis was hired in the first place.

"Those things are in the past and predated," Perkins said. "For the most part of my tenure with Highland Park I've only recognized him to do good things."

He is one of the officers seen punching and kicking the suspected armed carjacker who was cuffed at the time.

FOX 2 has learned Dupuis has a history of violent behavior on the job.

"I had a prior civil suit against him for almost the same exact thing," said attorney Ben Gonek.

Gonek who is representing the suspect Andrew Jackson, Jr. who is on the ground in the video, filed a lawsuit against Dupuis and another officer when they worked for the Hamtramck Police Department back in 2002.

He filed the lawsuit on behalf of Stephen Green, who was no stranger to the law himself. 

The lawsuit claims Dupuis and his partner stopped him for an attempted car theft and even though Green did what the officers said, they used excessive force. 

Green was beaten so badly he was sent to intensive care.

"There was no reason for him getting beaten the way he did," Gonek said.

Hamtramck settled and paid Green $20,000.

Dupuis was eventually fired from the Hamtramck Police Department in 2006 when his former partner accused him of assaulting her with a Taser twice. He claimed it was an accident.

Before that Dupuis worked for Southgate police where FOX 2 learned he was reprimanded by his superiors after he assaulted a mentally disabled man.

Thoughout his career there have been several accusations and lawsuits, but to date Dupois has never been convicted.

Was Dupuis' latest actions while working for Highland Park police justified or a case of excessive force. Perkins says the incident is still under investigation.

"I know that this is something that is going to be thoroughly investigated by Michigan State Police," Perkins said. "We will cooperate in any way. As I said in the statement, I wouldn't rush to a determination as to what this raw footage details."

Perkins says Dupuis is still on the job.
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