Out to Muskegon, Derek Kevra tries to the luge

There are only 4 spots in the U.S. where you can try ice luging and 2 of them are right here in Michigan, so it's safe to say we're the ice luge capital of the U.S. So what's it like? We sent our crews to Muskegon to see what the unique experience is like.

You have to be a little crazy to try ice luge. You race down a track, hitting possible speeds of 90 mph, all with no brakes. Yeah, you've got to be crazy.

We have just the guy. Typically known for delivering dynamic forecasts and his unique collection of socks, Derek Kevra is that crazy. So we sent out to Muskegon to try out one of four luge tacks in the nation. 

Jim Rudicil is the Executive Director of the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. He said it's the most publicly accessible luge track in the nation.

"Our track is designed for use strictly for the public," Rudicil said.

The 854 foot track was built in 1984 and you go from the top to the bottom in 20 seconds

"We can send you down at speeds that feel like 35 mph which feels like 80 you're first time," Rudicil said. "You hit 2 G's on the final curve."

The track is four inches of solid ice so you can imagine, safety is a big deal, right? All you need is a helmet and elbow pads.

And no brakes.

So Kevra geared up. He put on his protective gear, got his lessons, and hit the ice. It was exactly 20 seconds from the top to the bottom. Remember how crazy we said he is? This was his response when he learned his time: "I can go faster than 20 seconds."

Two more times Kevra raced down the track and he did it, he finally did it. 

If you're interested in going, keep a couple things in mind: one, it's a three hour drive. Two, you steer with your feet so you have to be exactly precise. 

Tickets for the ice luge can be purchased on their website, click here for more. Tickets are $40 during the week and $45 on weekends.
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