Outburst in court from mother of children found dead in freezer

A Detroit mother lashed out in court and admitting she killed two of her children at the Detroit Juvenile Center Thursday.

The bodies of 13-year-old Stoni Blair and 9-year-old Stephen Berry were found in her freezer back in March, but the hearing wasn't about the murders.

Instead the court must decide whether Mitchelle Blair still has parental rights to her two other children.

Blair has had outbursts before in court. She seemed oddly calm at the start of the hearing.

In taped testimony her 8-year-old son said that his mom should go to jail for killing his siblings. He was asked how he knew and replied that he saw it. 

The boys spoke about the abuse not only from his mother, who whipped his back with extension cords, but  how Stoni and Stephen sexually assaulted him. 

He claimed Stoni urinated on her brother's face and put feces on his head.

Those claims apparently sent Blair over the edge who erupted in court, blaming Stoni's father Alexander Dorsey for her daughter's actions. 

It was stop and go as Blair would lose her temper and be escorted out. Once her son's testimony was admitted to evidence, the trial begin.

"What the evidence will show is what these children endured," said Kelly Megyesi, an attorney "What they lived through. Words such as torture, terror, psychological dehumanization."

"Not only did he not abandon and desert his children, but he saw them routinely," said attorney Adam Devlin of Dorsey. 

And before (Stephen Berry's father) Stephen Berry's attorney could finish opening statements, Blair lashed out again and had to be escorted out.

"They were never there for their children," Blair said of Dorsey and Berry to the judge. "I had to struggle with them."

And after a short break, Dorsey, the father of Stoni and of a 17-year-old girl who also allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of Blair.

It was  contentious at times as Megyski tried to show how absent emotionally, physically and financially, Dorsey was.

"You know as you were living, your daughter Stoni was being beaten, you know that right," she said.

"Get to your point," Dorsey said.

Megyski: "Answer my question"

Dorsey: "Now I know it."

Although Dorsey said he supported his children without recording it with the friend of the court, he was $37,000 behind in child support and had not seen Stoni for two years before she died.

It is a very involved custody trial involving the attorney  general's office, the guardian's attorney,  both father's attorneys. Berry is expected to take the stand Friday. 
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