Parents furious unvaccinated child sent home by school

The Birmingham school district took a strong stand this week by kicking out an unvaccinated student.

The parents of that student who was sent home are furious, in a battle of public health vs. parental rights. The Donovans say there's a good reason their son hasn't been vaccinated... and they have the paperwork to prove it. 

About 15 families whose students have not had all their immunizations were contacted by the Birmingham school district. 

On Thursday the Donovans were warned about sending their son, Michael, to school, but they did it anyway. 

Michael, 11, was sent home from Derby Middle School Friday because he does not have all of his vaccinations and a student in his class has chicken pox.

"I don't think it's really fair that I have to go down, just because I didn't get a shot," he said.

In all, three students in Birmingham schools are infected.

The Oakland County Health Division advised the district to urge parents to keep unvaccinated students home - even those with vaccine exemptions like Michael,  if they were in class with infected students.

"It's like they're singling families out that choose not to immunize and quite frankly, it's wrong," said Dan Donovan, Michael's father.

"It's being assumed that an unvaccinated child, two others from other schools around here, are spreading the disease and that's not the case," said Sarah Donovan, Michael's mother. "And then so flip flop it,  so everybody is vaccinated and mine's not - why are they at risk."

A spokesperson for Birmingham schools says they regret the concern this is causing parents like the Donovans but the the safety and health of students is the district's top priority.

The district says families who choose to vaccinate their children can bring them back to school Monday. If not, they will have to stay home until April 14.

And that will be the case for Michael.

FOX 2: "What's the worst part about all of this?"

"I don't get to see my friends," Michael said. "Everybody gets to go to school except me."

If you're wondering why the Donovans are not big on vaccines, they're convinced it played a big role in their 12-year-old daughter's autism, an idea the medical community rejects.

"We watched in 18 months a completely healthy developed baby girl go from over the course of a weekend,  o completely regressing and shutting down," Dan said.

Michael's parents say they are not on an anti-vaccination crusade. They believe kids who can get them, should. It is just that medically, they say it's not best for their children.

Michael will be getting a tutor next week so he doesn't fall behind in school other unvaccinated students will receive support as well by the district.
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