PetSmart shopper gets bit by pit bull in store

PetSmart is pet friendly, you can bring your furry friend anytime to roam the aisles and do a little shopping.

What this store is known for, now has them facing a lawsuit.

James Jenkins was attacked by a pit bull while shopping at the PetSmart in Southfield.

"Without warning he was bit by a very large pit bull," said Renette Jackson, attorney.

In the top right corner of your screen, you can see Jenkins stumbled back out of the dog aisle checking just how badly he had been bitten on his leg.

"Mr. Jenkins said 'Your dog bit me,' and the dog owner replied, 'I don't know how that happened,'" Jackson said.

A picture taken that day at urgent care shows the bite marks on his upper thigh and how serious his injury was.

But instead of the dog owner stopping to see what he could do to help, he and his dog left. Security camera video shows them walk right out the door.

"He left the premises without any employee trying to stop him, ask him questions, or try to apprehend him," Jackson said. "An injured Mr. Jenkins had to come to his own rescue."

Injured and all, Jenkins followed the man into the parking lot and saw the pet owner jump into his 1998 black Mercedes. He was unable to get the license plate.

PetSmart's own incident report shows an employee witnessed the entire thing. The two customers shopping side by side and the unprovoked attack. 

Another reason Jenkins and his attorney are upset - no one in the store did anything about it.

"The first thing PetSmart told us, 'We're not responsible,'" Jackson said. "That was quite surprising to me. That they were quick to deny responsibility before they are willing to help."

Jackson says Jenkins and his family are concerned. Without knowing who the man or the dog is, they are unable to trace the canine's health history.

That's why they released this video - hoping someone can identify the man and his dog.

They have also decided to sue. They say it's not about the money. Jenkins owns a multi-million dollar construction company.

They are going after the owner who didn't control his dog and PetSmart for neglect and it's lack of policies, which they believe it could have been prevented.

"We don't know this dog's medical history," Jackson said. "And (Jenkins') family, wife, children very concerned and want their questions answered. And they have a right to have them answered."

PetSmart released a statement regarding the incident:

"At PetSmart, the health and safety of people and pets is our top priority. After this unfortunate incident, both the pet parent and the pet involved left the store before we were able to identify them. At present, we've exhausted all means available to us in order to identify them. We've cooperated in every way asked of us, and we will continue to do so."

Jackson wants to point out that this incident is not due to the type of dog. Jackson herself, owns two pit bulls of her own.

She says it is about controlling your dog. 

Jackson said they want Pet Smart to stop caring less for the bottom line and more about the customer.

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