Broken promises lead to still-broken roads

- Way back before summer began, in the midst of another ill-fated attempt to fix the roads, the senate GOP leadership proudly announced that the body would work throughout the summer to get this job done.

It was left to the Republican floor leader Senator Mike Kowall (R-Oakland County)  to assure everyone, "the senate will be here in Lansing this summer" working hard to "complete the task before us." A reference was made to doing the work for "hardworking taxpayers ... "

The Michigan House, on the other hand, did not match that proclamation which made the senate look pretty good in the eyes of a frustrated motoring public which had been dodging pot holes for years.

Fast forward to this week which gives one a chance to review exactly what was done during the summer on roads. First of all the house met for a grand total of nine days between July 21 and the beginning of September.

The Senate - remember the promise - met for 18 days but on many of those days the "meeting" was a mere formality as most senators didn't bother to attend. Needless to say there was no voting on a road package in either legislative body during the summer.

Summer, if you can call it that, is now but a fond and cold memory and the legislative leadership will tell you that some progress was made on the issue during that July to September time frame.

The GOP governor and his two GOP legislative leadership pals, finally opened the door and invited the two Democratic leaders into the room for some heart to heart negoiations.  And if you believe all of the participants, "progress is being made."

In fact the senate Democratic leader Sen. Jim Ananich (D-Gensee County) glowed the other day reporting it has been the best progress in quite some time.  But nobody has seen a deal because there ain't(sic) one.

So technically work was done on the issue during the summer but it was just a tad misleading, the critics would concluded, as its likely the hardworking taxpayers thought there would be a hard working full legislature staying on task day in and day out.

Not quite. 

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