Kelly Has Own DPS Reform Plan

- While four House Republicans want to create an appointed Community District panel to run the Detroit schools, the chair of the house K-12 budget subcommittee suggests you do not need any entity to run the DPS.

"I wouldn't continue with anything that resembles a district going forward," GOP Rep. Tim Kelly tells MIRS just before the new legislation was outlined by four of his colleagues.

He would simply abolish the Detroit school board and let the parents and children decide where they want to go to school.

Asked who would run DPS minus a board, the Saginaw lawmakers suggest, "There would not be a need. Kids would seek education at a public or private school elsewhere with no adults to tell you where to go."

Rep. Harvey Santana (D-Detroit) quickly dismissed that notion saying it was "Mr. Kelly being Mr. Kelly" while tacking on this, "You lose all your local control. This the United States of America. This isn't some post World War II communist country.  How are you going to come in and take somebody's Democracy away?  We're entitled to a school board and duly elected school board."

Rep. Kelly believes the majority of city residents would not be upset if the local board was wiped-out. "Eighty percent of the people have been polled and want more choice not less."

He concedes his approach is a "little controversial" but he prefers that to other ideas which is why he says, "I have not signed onto" the proposal unveiled on Tuesday.

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