Snyder puts the kibosh on a Washington stop

- Sure as the God Lord made little green apples, you can bet as the new year begins to unfold, there will be another round of Snyder-may-go-to-Washington stuff.

As the March Michigan presidential primary draws near, don't be surprised if some candidates float his name as a possible cabinet appointee.

Already some in town have whispered, he'd be a great Commerce Secretary. Labor Secretary, not so much. Remember Right to Work.

The governor confirms that he's been personally lobbied for his endorsement by a "reasonable number" of would-be presidents.

His lips are sealed on who came a knockin' but pressed for a number he confesses, "I would say it's probably more than" two or three.

For those of you with iffy memories, he took himself out of contention for president earlier this year because it was becoming a "distraction," even though he was never going to run anyway.

So what about a different gig in the nation's capitol?

"Again, I'm not interested," he closes the door before anybody else can open it.  He's eager to finish his final three years in office and just in case you don't believe him, he was asked during the Evening with the Governor Public TV interview about leaving and allowing his lt. governor, who wants the top job, to become governor.

Door number two closed. "I'm not going to simply leave office to help with that issue," he explains. "Because it's too important being governor in my view … I have a responsibility to the citizens of Michigan."

And less you have any doubts about his not shuffling off to Washington, assuming there is a new GOP administration, check in with his Higher Authority, the First Lady.

Sue Snyder is blunt on that leaving early stuff. "We've already discussed that and it's not going to happen … there is so much more to do and it would be unfair" to the citizens.

So instead of wrapping fish in this blog, (see why we need to keep newspapers), fold it up and set it aside so when the national know-it-alls fire up the Snyder speculation machine again, you'll already have the inside scoop.

He's not going anywhere unless, of course, they create a new department of Relentless Positive Action.

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