Pop Quiz: How well do you know First Lady Sue Snyder?

As previously advertised, here is the second Pop Quiz holiday installment on the First Family. This week questions on the First Lady Sue Snyder are featured. This past year, she increased her public persona with a record setting 36 appearances on behalf of her favorite charities.

Question One: The First Lady reports she got really upset when what happened in the campaign.  
1) Her husband did not win by more than four points. 
2) When the Democrats accused her husband of lying. 
3) When a commercial she shot for the campaign was never used. 
4) When her advice on how to handle Mark Schauer was routinely ignored. 
5) None of the above.

Question Two: Sue Snyder decided to up her public profile this year because 
1) She has no kids at home.  
2) She is mildly considering running for a local office. 
3) Her husband said she needed something to do. 
4) The retired teacher who appeared in a commercial for the governor, urged her to get more involved. 
5) None of the above.

Question Three: By her own admission, the First Lady is 
1) A sometime Democrat. 
2) A former member of the ACLU before she got married. 
3) Not bashful about expressing her opinions. 
4) Thinking about remodeling the house.  
5) None of the above.

Question Four: The First Lady believes her husband and her father share a common trait. 
1) Striking blue eyes and silver hair.  
2) Both sold insurance at one time.  
3) Both played the saxophone in the band when in high school. 
4) Both were work-a-holics. 
5) None of the above.

Question Five: How did she handle all the negative ads aimed at her husband? 
1) Used the mute button on the TV remote.  
2) Wrote letters to the other side but never sent them. 
3) Cried.  
4) Laughed. 
5) None of the above.

Stop reading here for what follows are the answers.

Question One: Saying her husband is the "most honest and ethical person you could know" she was "heart-broken" when the Ds said he lied about education spending cuts.  Answer 2.

Question Two: As an empty-nester she had more time to work on her charity issues.  Answer 1.

Question Three: Wouldn't you be shocked to know she was once a card-carrying ACLU member" So would she and her husband. It's correct answer is number three as she is not shy about expressing how she thinks.

Question Four: Answer four. Her dad worked a lot and she is on a mission to reduce the work load of her husband.

Question Five: When the negative ads flooded the airwaves, she used the mute button on the clicker. Not very original but it worked for her.

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