Pregnant woman says her house is making her sick

When a water main broke, Appolonia Milliner said her basement flooded and the company that owns the house refuses to help. This isn't the first complaint.

"It smells like an outhouse," said Appolonia Milliner.

And this house on Detroit's east side does smell.  There's been water in the basement since December. Appolonia just signed a lease in October of last year.

"It smells like an outhouse, it looks nasty down there. I haven't had hot water or heat for the last month because they won't come out and fix it," said Milliner.

Apollonia lives with her fiancé, as well as a 10-year-old and 11-year-old, and she's pregnant.

You've been trying to get a hold of these people since December. Milliner said "Yes and they never came out with my work orders. I've been putting in work orders, when I talked to a lady in February she said 'you have work orders from December that have never been made' and I told her no, they never came out. She put the workers orders back in and they never came out." 

It stinks in there, there's no way a family should be living in that house, something has got to be done. So I called Chris Garner of the Garner Property Management Company. He wouldn't go on camera but said, he is aware that there's been water in the house. Apparently, a tree root in the backyard is affecting the sewer line.  It's a $2,200 repair, but he needs approval from the owner, but the owner lives in China.  

And earlier, Appolonia called the Garner Property Management Company,

"I don't have any heat, I don't have hot water. I've got to keep taking my kids to other places to take baths." said Milliner.

They said they would at least come out to take a look at the property within the next 24 hours.  

"Now they're saying they'll come out because I called legal aid and I called Fox 2, now they're trying to cover their tracks," said Milliner. Do you believe them? "No."
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