Raccoons living in decrepit house take over Garden City street

There is a raccoon ruckus in Garden City and residents in one community have had enough.

One mother told FOX 2 she does not allow her children or her pets come out after dark. A family of raccoons roam the neighborhood for food and live together in one house.

"I live right behind this house and the raccoons have been in my garbage cans," said neighbor Catherine Nardi. 

Such is the case at 7011 Gilman in Garden City and needless to say neighbors are unnerved.

"They're not scared of you they're not scared of me," Monica Batts. "They're not of my husband they're not scared of anyone out here it's more we're scared of them."

Batts had a close encounter with one of them Sunday night taking out the trash.

"One huge raccoon jumped out of here (pointing at trash can) and was literally was in reaching distance from me," she said.

Neighbors say the problems here started about three years ago when the woman living at the Gilman Street residence moved out. The grass became overgrown. The house became unkempt 

And critters started to move in.

"I see them quite a few mornings going in and out of the chimney," said David Squillets

FOX 2: how many raccoons do you think are in there? 

"Last night we saw maybe five or six in one bedroom," Batts said.

"If I were living next door to this I would be having a fit, but we can only move so quickly," said Bob Muery, Garden City police chief and city manager.

Muery says they were told about the pest problem about a month ago, but property rights have they're hands tied for now.

"We can't kick in doors and empty out houses and chase out raccoons until we get some kind of court order to do that," he said.

In the meantime residents near the house remain spooked, concerned not just about their safety but that pets could become prey.

"The baby raccoons are probably twice as big as (my dog) and their inside the house the mom is huge," Batts said.

And then there are the kids. There's a school bus stop right in front of this house

"Right here at the corner where this you would think is an abandoned home in the city of Garden City but it's not," Batts said. "There's a homeowner here, somewhere. She's just refusing to take care of it. 

"So something needs to be done before someone gets hurt."

FOX 2 called the owner, left messages but no response. The city has sent letters to her to take care of the problems here but they have not gotten very far either.

They are planning to set up traps to catch the raccoons. 
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