School trustee under fire for sharing Facebook Islamic 'goat humper' post

Alfredo Francesconi holds a top job at a local school district. But a recent post he allegedly shared on Facebook has one local Islamic relations leader calling for his resignation.

Francesconi, a Roseville Community Schools board member allegedly shared an anti-Islamic post online, including the term, "seventh century Islamic goat humpers."

"Actually it's juvenile," said Dawud Walid who leads the Michigan Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. "Not only is it bigoted, it's juvenile."

The rant was initially posted by an Arkansas gun range owner and according to a local Islamic civil rights group, that school board member saw it and shared it on his page.

The entire message is displayed over a photo of 1970s TV character Archie Bunker and says: "So I'm expected to walk on eggshells in my own country just so I don't offend some 7th Century Islamic goat humpers who ain't figured out yet this is the 21st century?"

"It seems that he's a flat-out bigot and it bothers us that he is overseeing the education of children in southeast Michigan," Walid said. "Including Muslim children and Arab-American children."

Walid is calling on Francesconi to resign.

"This is just a reflection of his world view," Walid said.

FOX 2 wanted to get the school board member's response to the post, but was unable to reach him.

We did however catch up with his colleague Theresa Genest, the school board president.

"It's disappointing," she said. "I'm sorry this happened. I'm sure his intent wasn't malicious. He's been very dedicated to our school board for many years - almost over 25 years."

"It doesn't matter if this guy served 25 years or not if he's exhibiting flat-out hostile and racist behaviors and saying these things in social media," he said. "Then he doesn't deserve a public trust."

But it's not the first time Francesconi has been linked to controversy.

C & G Newspapers reported he removed a post from his Facebook page in 2013 after learning someone was offended by it.

It shows the three victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and states "The Council on American-Islamic Relations says that Islamophobia is the biggest problem in American-Islamic relations. Well i'm thinking maybe it's dead Americans."

FOX 2: "You have 9/11, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon bombing, ISIS, some people would say, there's some legitimacy to that point."

"Is there a problem with global terrorism throughout the world, yes," Walid said. "But then we should look at global terrorism and see all the different religious groups who are committing terrorism."

It is unclear how many students of the Islamic faith are in Roseville schools.

Superintendent John Kment said he would not comment on the Facebook post or the fallout surrounding it because he has not yet seen the post in question. FOX 2 did send it to him.
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