Sen. Virgil Smith to stand trial for beating, shooting at ex-wife

State Sen. Virgil Smith will stand trial for allegedly shooting at and beating his ex-wife.

 Smith was bound over for trial by 36th District Court on Thursday for shooting at ex-wife Anistia Thomas after an altercation where she found another woman naked in his bed.

He is charged with malicious destruction of property, felonious assault, felony firearm and a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. 

His next court date on the arraignment of information is scheduled for 9 a.m. July 9. 

"I see him holding a big gun he turned it at me and started shooting at me," said Thomas.

Now the judge has ordered Smith to stand trial on those charges.

Thomas testified that she went to Smith's house to find love and found another woman instead - it was the beginning of a night that ended in a hail of bullets.

"I woke up and heard what something that sounded like somebody running," said Smith's neighbor. "I heard shots. Boom, boom, boom. I hit the floor."

Thomas told in court the details of the day which started with her and Smith texting each other.

"I snatched the sheet off of her," Thomas said.

"And what did you see? 

"That she was naked," she said. "At that point, Kai grabs me. He pulls on me, we wrestle. He punches me in my face a few times.  

"After falling into the TV, he rams my head into the floor after that he puts the back of his right arm into the back of my neck. It basically stops my breathing.

"He says he'll let me up if I leave. He literally rams my head into the wall in the hallway. He takes my arm again and continues to beat me down the hallway. He opens the screen door and pushes me again."

Thomas says smith showed her a rifle and fired a shot into the air, but he wasn't done.

"He turns it toward me and starts shooting at me," Thomas said. "I run to the backyard to hide."

Attorney: "Why do you hide?"

"Because I can hear his footsteps," she said.

A neighbor testified that Thomas sought refuge in his home.

"She had a smudge on the side of her lips and she was showing us her hand," the neighbor said. 

Attorney: "What kind of smudge?

"It could have been  blood," the man said.

The witness then saw Smith, who he says told him: "I put so many bullets in her car it won't start."

But Smith's girlfriend testified that she feared Thomas would have hurt her if Smith had not restrained his ex-wife.

"He was trying to hold her back," she said. "She was trying to get to me. She was yelling things as well like 'He doesn't care about you, he doesn't love you.' 

"I remember she was yelling and he was saying calmly, 'I did not say that.'"

She also confirmed that Smith came back for his gun after removing Thomas from the bedroom.

Smith's attorney argued that he was defending his home and feared for his life.

But Judge Michael Wagner said that "I've never seen a parked car be a danger to anyone."

The Senate is on recess, but if the case's trial could complicate his time in Lansing. 
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