State lawmaker criticizing Duggan, calls him 'carpetbagger'

A state lawmaker from Detroit is calling Mayor Mike Duggan a carpetbagger and claims the mayor is not for the little guy. 

The new mayor of Detroit has received praise from a variety of sources including President Obama, Gov. Rick Snyder and former emergency manager Kevyn Orr.

But Democratic Detroit lawmaker Rep. Rose Mary Robinson is not impressed one bit.

"I'm not a big fan," she says. 

Rep. Robinson watched Duggan move into the city and spend a lot of money to win a write-in campaign.

"He's a carpetbagger to me with all due respect if the mayor is watching or hears this; this is the whole style of politics today. If you have money you can do anything," said Rep. Robinson. 

She objects to the mayor's focus on revitalizing downtown at the expense she claims of the decaying neighborhoods.

"This whole downtown development., I'm opposed to putting the resources into a little cul-de-sac of the city," said Rep. Robinson.

He says he's working on the city. "Oh please," said Rep. Robinson. "Nothing is happening with moderate or low-income housing."

As for the M-1 system, she dismisses it as a trolley that won't help common folks.

"This trolley car that goes 3.3 miles is allegedly Detroit's rapid transit system. It doesn't move a single person from the City of Detroit to work, or to church, or to the doctor," said Rep. Robinson.

In Lansing, Rep. Robinson is a bit of a loner as she thinks the system is corrupt and she refuses to play the game.

The mayor's office reports it is aware of the lawmakers comments, but at this read, there's been no response.
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