Thieves rob Kay's Beauty Supply in Detroit

A massive hole in the back of a local beauty supply store, thieves armed with sledge hammers used brute force to bust through the wall. The owner of the business nearby, believes the same guys also robbed his shop.

Crews were patching up the work of brazen thieves who busted into this southwest Detroit beauty supply store early Monday morning. The owner of Kay's Beauty Supply says the thieves got away with expensive weaves, curling irons and blow dryers. This mess is all too familiar to this hardware store owner, just a couple miles away.

You feel it's the same guys every time?

"It is the same guys every time," said David Levinson, owner of Gray & Son Hardware. "Because of my video, it shows the same guy." 

David Levinson says he's had a break in once a month for the last three months. The latest happened less than two weeks ago, when Levinson says at least two masked men spent nearly 40 minutes filling their shopping bags with tools and demolition equipment.

Levinson said, "Sledge hammers, crow bars, wrecking bars, everything they need to break into other properties."

Losing thousands of dollars worth of tools, that's not all.

"They took M&M's, they took Lay's Potato Chips, they took all my pop out of the cooler, they took paper towels," said Levinson.

We're in the back of the building of Gray & Son's Hardware and you can see some of the damage left behind here and over here and Levinson said the thieves keep coming back and he can't even keep track of what's being stolen anymore.

"I feel bad for everyone else around here that has to put up a window bar just to have my equipment or my wrecking bars pull it right off," said Levinson.

While Detroit police review surveillance of the latest bold break in at Kay's, which apparently shows up to four masked men hammering through the bricks, Levinson says he's plain sick of it.

"You have no idea how it hurts to watch someone go through your building or your premises and steal your stuff, to take food out of your own family's pocket, as you're struggling because we're all struggling down here.

And says he hopes whoever keeps doing it is caught soon, before he's forced to close his doors.

"We're all just trying to make a living and these guys are just running around with no cares or concerns, breaking into anything they want," said Levinson.
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